Hindu Organisational Conference @ WHC 2023

29.01.24 07:32 AM Comment(s) By HEFAdmin

Event: Hindu Organisational Conference at WHC 2023@Bangkok
Date: 24, 25, 26 November, 2023
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Theme: Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah, meaning  “Dharma, the Abode of Victory”.

The Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations Forum (HOTA Forum) organized a Hindu Organisational Conference at the recent World Hindu Congress 2023, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 24-26, 2023.

The Hindu Organisational Conference brought a vast array of Hindu organizations, including temples, associations, and institutions to share best practices, experiences, resources, and ideas. This provided a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities for organizations to better meet the needs of their constituencies, develop synergies across organizations, and coordinate with one another for local and global benefit.


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