Mission Statement

The aim of the Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations Forum (HOTA Forum) is to bring together all Hindu organisations, temples, associations, institutions and sampradayas, who are working for the Hindu resurgence, on one common platform. Additionally, HOTA Forum will empower Hindu organisations by the providing necessary resources including networking and sharing of resources and instill a sense of pride.

Hindu Organisational Conference @ WHC 2023

The Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations Forum (HOTA Forum) is organizing a Hindu Organisational Conference at the upcoming World Hindu Congress 2023 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 24-26 November, 2023.

 The Hindu Organisational Conference brings together a vast array of Hindu organizations, including temples, associations, and institutions to share best practices, experiences, resources, and ideas. This session also provides a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities for organizations to better meet the needs of their constituencies, develop synergies across organizations, and coordinate with one another for local and global benefit. 

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